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lady on machine

Love this old
vintage postcard.

But it's not very realististic. How long do you think a sewing machine's fold-down table would last if the owner is going to sit on it?

Berry College Eagles

Mom with 2 eggs


The Two Eggs Are Due to Hatch Before Mid-February

The beautiful bald eagles that nest at nearby Berry College are back and have now become the proud producers of two eggs. The first one was laid on 1/6 and the second one on 1/9. Their eggs hatch in about 35 days. First hatching should happen around Feb. 10. If you get a chance, peek in on the nest via the live cam set up by the college. They even have infared cameras so you can see them at night. Dad relieves Mom a lot to give her a break to stretch her wings and fly. He is also very good about bringing her food. They're good parents. Last year I so enjoyed watching for that first egg, then getting to see it hatch, and eventually watched the eaglet fledge that first flight. Reality TV at its best. The link is:

Aurifil's 50wt Cones with 6452 yards of Thread
I have been enlarging my color selection of cones right and left since Fall.
Today (1/19) I've added another Dozen Colors!!

2230, 2277, 2440, 2510, 2516, 2520, 2588

2902, 2908, 5003, 6720, 6722, 6724

Collections Galore
Here's a list of the fairly new to brand new Designer Aurifil Thread Collections. Collections are organized alphabetically by the designers first name on the collection pages. You can click on the links below to jump to the correct page...
A Little Sweetness Collection - Tasha Noel 50wt large spools
Ann Kelle Thread Collection -10 Small Spools 50 Wt
Ann Kelle Thread Collection-12 Large Spools 50 Wt
Arizona Collection By April Rhodes Kit 40Wt 10 Small Spools
Arizona Collection, April Rhodes 40wt 12 large spools
Aurora By Leah Duncan Kit 10 Small Spools 50 Wt
Aurora By Leah Duncan Kit 12 Large Spools – 50 Wt
Big City Collection-Sara Lawson Large Spools 40w
Big City Collection-Sara Lawson Small Spools 40w
Botanics Collection-Carolyn Friedlander Large Spools 50w
Botanics Thread Collection-Carolyn Friedlander Small Spools 50wt
Reel Time Thread Collection-Brigitte Heitland 12 large 50wt. spools
Cottage Garden By Amanda Herring Kit 12 Large Spools 50 Wt
Drift By Angela Walters Kit 10 Small Spools 50Wt
Drift By Angela Walters Kit 12 Large Spools 50 Wt
Fig Tree By Joanna Figueroa Kit 12 Large Spools – 50 Wt
Floriography Thread Collection by Chelsea Andersen 50wt large spools
Folk Story By Sarah Fielke Kit 10 Small Spools 50w
Folk Story By Sarah Fielke Kit 12 Large Spools 50w
Gleeful Kit, Caroline Hulse 40wt, 12 Large Spools
Gleeful Kit, Caroline Hulse 50wt, 10 Small spools
Indelible By Katarina Roccella Kit 10 Small Spools – 40 Wt
Indelible By Katarina Roccella Kit 12 Large Spools – 40 Wt
Linen & Lace Collection by Sheena Norquay - small spool variety
Perfect Box of Colors-Pat Sloan-Large Spools 50w
Perfect Box of Neutrals-Pat Sloan-Large Spools 50w
Primrose Thread Collection - Carina Gardner 50wt Large Spools
Rainbow of Colors Thread Collection - Shari Butler - 12 large 50wt spools
Sweet As Honey-Bonnie Christine-Large Spools 50w
Sweet As Honey-Bonnie Christine-Small Spools 50w
Treasure Chest Kit-Frances Newcombe-Large Spools 50w
Treasure Chest Kit-Frances Newcombe-Small Spools 50wt
Valori Wells Thread Collection - 10 Small Spools 50w
Valori Wells Thread Collection - 12 Large Spools 50w
Wild Flower Meadow Thread Collection - Melly & Me 12 large spools

"Real Thread" Color Card

270 Colors!

Represents all weights (12 - 28 - 40 - 50)

MSRP: $50.00.
Large & Mini Spools and Cones always at Discounted Prices
Besides offering you all 270 Aurifil colors in 50wt large spools, I've been working hard at adding more colors to my other offerings. You'll find more Aurifloss, more small spools of 12wt. and 50wt, more 40wt large spools, and plenty of new choices in 50wt Cones. I used to only stock the large cones in just the most basic colors, but now I'm stocking all sorts of colors in this large size. If I'm counting right, I am now up to stocking 122 different colors of 50wt Cones - Aurifil's most popular thread weight..
Reduced Price Policy on Patterns
thread border

Because we're in a tough economy, the policy here at Pumpkinvine Corner is to automatically reduce the price of all stand-alone patterns that retail for $7.99 or more by 12%. Some patterns will be reduced even more because of sale prices.

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